Jeroen Tel gig

Just like last year, I ended up going to Assembly just to see one of the performing artists there. This time the artist was no other than Mr. Jeroen Tel.

Yes, he was there, he came on the main stage on Friday night, pulled off a nice gig, and I was very happy to see and experience it. 

Accompanying him on the stage was a VJ (can’t remember the name) pulling off some psychedelic and retroesque visuals. Some strange material in his library, too.


I know Jeroen Tel from his fantastic C64 music of course, and I was kind of hoping for a true retro gig. However the gig was not about Commodore music nostalgia, but more modern synthesizer electro set. Still, it was all very good!


The music was very melody driven just like Jeroen’s C64 works. The man himself was also really living and feeling the those melodies. And the melodies, drum beats and bass lines, they were LOUD!

But of course there were his and others’ familiar C64 pieces in there, with added drum beats. The audience really took off with those. Yeah, everyone knows Hubbard’s Commando!

We, the audience, demanded him back on the stage for few more pieces, and were greeted with Robocop 3 main tune – yeah!

When the gig ended, the people in front of the stage were having approving, silly smiles on their faces when looking at each others before they scattered away.

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