PRESS PLAY ON TAPE gig at Assembly 2011

Last weekend I bought perhaps my most expensive concert ticket so far when I had to buy the Assembly weekend ticket just to see PRESS PLAY ON TAPE live gig. Yep, I got there about half an hour before PPOT started the gig and left right after it. Neither did I return the party place the next day due to other activities. Despite that I really wanted to see the band play live since they were playing here in Finland.

So that was rather brief visit to Assembly. But the time spent there was good – PPOT didn’t dissappoint me at all!

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE is definetely a live band. Their stage show was entertaining and they played their “fucking nerdy music” like a boss and LOUD! Arrangements from the starting Commando to the “only song they know how to end a gig” Tales of the Monkey Island were just great. They also played few original songs that were surprisingly among the best pieces during the gig. Also the 80’s TV show medley was great spirit lifter during the concert. The only downside I can think of was that the two encore pieces were a little let-down.

Overall I’m very pleased that I was able to see this legendary Commodore 64 revival band finally live!

About Assembly Summer 2011 itself I don’t have much to say – didn’t really see anything. I’ve been browsing the compo entries from Assembly Archive a little and don’t feel like missing much.  By the way, it’s a great archive dating way back to ’92. Thumbs up for that and it’s worth checking out!


Here’s some pictures from the gig:

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