Amiga CD32 Motherboard

Just a quick post to break the long silence. Here’s a picture of my Amiga CD32‘s motherboard:

Commodore Amiga CD32 motherboard

90s Amigas are prone to have leaking SMD capacitors, which in extreme case can destroy the whole motherboard. I opened my unit to check how its electrolytic capacitors are doing. Sadly there are some signs of starting corrosion from electrolytic fluid leakage. Luckily no big damage yet. So it’s about time to have its caps replaced.

If you would like to use the picture for something, please feel free. But please let me know, or at least credit the source. I’m also able to provide the picture in ~30% bigger resolution and with its background removed / transparent background.


2 Responses to Amiga CD32 Motherboard

  1. Kim says:

    Great update – now launch a Kickstarter and get that bad boy cloned! The world needs a CD32 Reloaded with HDMI output! ^=^

  2. cd32freak says:

    Hi Ilkka,

    Could you take measurements of the CD32 motherboard outline? Starting like from the top left to the right at the first cut and then to the second cut at the expansion connector?

    I once had a CD32 myself, but I was forced to sell it :-(

    It was the most wrong decision I ever made, besides other things ;-P

    Thanks in advance :-)

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