How about newly produced C64s?

Long time no posting. Once again there’s some interesting things going on in the C64 community. Especially one of the on-going funding campaigns I would like to bring to your attention.

First a quick recap.

C64 Reloaded. Image (c) Individual Computers

C64 Reloaded. Image (c) Individual Computers

Already last year on April Fool’s Day Individual Computers announced the C64 Reloaded. Being no joke, it’s a newly produced C64 motherboard using the original chipset to celebrate C64’s 32th anniversary. After some changes in pricing and availability schedule, these new motherboards should be available on Individual Computers’ web shop shortly.

New C64 C cases. Render (c) Thomas Koch

New C64 C cases. Render (c) Thomas Koch

More recently, on March 2015 an interesting Kickstarter project surfaced. It was for newly produced C64 C casings using the original molds. The project has an interesting back story, and the project funding goal of $ 10,000 was met in no less than a day! Eventually, the Kicstarter for the new colored and transparent C64 cases was so popular, that the initial funding goal was filled almost ten-fold. The cases are in production at the moment, and backers should receive their rewards sometime soon.

As to complete the lineup, there is now another crowd funding project going on for new C64 key caps in various colors. The funding goal is quite high, € 25,000. This is no wonder, as this time also the molds for the casting process has to be made. At the time of writing, roughly 60 % of the funding has been met, and the funding period will last for one and half weeks still, ending somewhere around 28th May 2015.

The C64 Reloaded and new C64 casings already came true. I’m hoping that also this third re-manufacturing project becomes reality. Not only hoping, I’m of course backing also on this effort, and I would like to encourage you to do so too!

No matter if you backed the C64 C casings Kickstarter or not, these new custom key caps in variety of colors would surely be a cool way to pimp your Commodore! Translucent keys for the breadbin? Bright green keys to go with your chiptune machine with custom paint job? Just take a look on these renders by Thomas Koch!

C64 C with red case and keys

C64 C blue case and keys

C64 C weird mix

C64 C with transparent case and translucent keys

Let’s make this happen!

In addition to these beautiful renders, Tommes has also designed 3D printed keyboard support brackets these new C64 C cases in mind. You see, in the (non-cost reduced) C64 C case, the keyboard is not attached to the top half of the case, but supported by sheet metal brackets from below. With the new Kickstarter cases, there’s nothing stopping you gutting a breadbin C64 instead of C64 C for the new case. The C64 C case is compatible with both old and new motherboard design, but you will need the keyboard supports which do not exist in the breadbin. The universal 3D printed brackets are available at Shapeways.

The C64 community is awesome. Supporting these wonderful projects is a part of this awesomeness!

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