EasyFlash fastloader comparison

Unseen has finally released a new version of the sd2iec firmware. This new firmware version of 0.10.2 does not bring that many updates, but one that I have been waiting for; sd2iec has now support for the fastloader that has been in EasyProg since ages.

I wanted to make a little comparison of the now supported fastloader’s performance using uIEC. Which is faster, EasyProg fastloader or JiffyDOS? Will it take even less time to flash the cartridge if the cartridge image is compressed using EasySplit?

Hardware & software configuration:

The image I flashed several times using different configurations was Prince of Persia C64 version 1.1. It is a 513 kb cartridge image, closely half of the flash memory size of EasyFlash. When the image is compressed using EasySplit, the file size is 159 kb. In Commodore terms, the images were 2069 and 644 blocks respectively.

A nice feature of EasyProg is that it displays the time it took to flash the cartridge after the flashing is complete and successful. The times are directly from EasyProg. Each test was ran only once.

ELoad is the EasyProg fastloader.

Here are the results of my tests:

Fastloader	CRT image	Time

none 		.crt		19:28
none 		compressed	 9:53
JiffyDOS	.crt		 5:30
JiffyDOS	compressed	 6:01
ELoad 		.crt		 5:17
ELoad 		compressed	 5:57


Compressing this particular image roughly halved the time it took to flash the cartridge if no fastloader was being used. However, the compression rate and speed gain is dependant on the CRT image contents.

If either fastloader was used, it took more time to flash the compressed cartridge image. Depacking of the data takes its time. If sd2iec based mass storage is used to flash the EF cartridge, it makes no sense to compress the cartridge image.

ELoad is slightly faster than JiffyDOS. The difference is insignificant though, and with JiffyDOS it takes only few seconds to load the EasyProg that is needed for the flashing operation.

If both JiffyDOS and EasyProg’s fastloader are activated, the EasyProg fastloader overrides JiffyDOS, and the result is the same with ELoad only.


The flashing time is significantly reduced when using the latest version of EasyProg (1.7.0). Flashing the uncompressed Prince of Persia 1.1 image to cartridge using the same setup as mentioned above, using EasyProg 1.7.0 and ELoad, takes only 4:11 against 5:17 listed above.

Furthermore, flashing the image to EasyFlash 3 over USB connection using EasyTransfer is again faster, taking only 3:08.

2 Responses to EasyFlash fastloader comparison

  1. Payton Byrd says:

    If you want to do a more thorough testing of the performance of ELoad, you should download CBM-Mark and run it on your system.


    Afterwards, uplod your results to:


    • ilesj says:

      I’ve been meaning to try out CBM-Mark and I will. However I don’t think it’s possible to test ELoad with CBM-Mark, because ELoad is a built-in software loader in EasyProg that is used to program the EasyFlash cartridge.

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