Cultural act

Yesterday there was an unusual story in Finnish newspaper Kymen Sanomat and also few other cooperating subnational newspapers. It was about Commodore 64 and sports games. That’s right.

How this came to be?  A friend of mine, Juha Rika – who has found C64 again after years, is working in that newspaper. He got this idea together with his collegue – a sports editor – to arrange a gaming session with their C64-nostalgic workmates and to have a story written of it in the newspaper. Of course this counted as work time. Getting paid having fun playing C64 is quite unusual – I salute you guys!

I was kindly asked to write a small side-story somehow related to the subject (C64). And so I did – I wrote few words about the current state of C64 hobbyism and community with the message: Commodore 64 is far from dead!

When I saw the finished page I was very delighted of the positively silly touch how the story was written and the overall appeal of the page. Got me smiling for a long time!

Here is the full page:

Also pdf! Areena C64

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