ACID 64 Player Pro & HVSC update 50

Just when I thought in my previous post that ACID 64 Player almost became the second choise SID player software for HardSID, it gets a major update with some great new features. And on top of that the High Voltage SID Collection got update no. 50 just few days earlier. Good times!

The new ACID 64 Player Pro has some features that were introduced in the HardSID 4U Winamp plugin, like slide bar seek and option to send play statistics to The most welcome new feature is the all new SID search that is implemented in the software. Songs can be searched from a local SID collection by keywords and the results can be sorted and filtered. This makes searching for a certain tune very easy and fast. No longer need for one of the online HVSC search engines! Well, almost – the search in ACID 64 does not support search from STIL entries like the best online search engines, you’ll find links to those at the end of this post. And furthermore,  there seems to be some kind of a bug in the ACID Player’s search feature. It keeps telling me incorrectly that file does not exist if I try to play a song from the search results. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

Update: It got fixed already! I emailed ACID 64 author Wilfred Bos about the bug and he told me that the problem occurs only on some machines. I was one of the “some” and got fixed beta version to test and it worked perfectly. The fixed version will likely be released soon.

Two features that you still get only with the Winamp plugin are playlists and automatic song change. The ACID 64 still does not have a playlist and you need to manually change songs. Like I said in my previous post, the Winamp plugin is great for having background music, but the ACID 64 is better for active listening – and now even more than before!

One thing worth mentioning is that with the introduction of the new Pro version, Catweasel support has been dropped. This means that Catweasel users have to stick with the now “classic” ACID 64 Player.

Online SID search engines (List updated Feb 2010):

  • SIDFind – Great search engine with minimalistic UI. Under the simple interface there is STIL support and detailed search results display remixes of the titles from Remix.Kwed.Org, STIL info and even screen shots from My personal choise for Opera custom search :)
  • ExoticA HVSC Search – Very comprehensive search engine with all kinds of bells and whistles.
  • SidSearch – Excellent search engine with STIL support and informative results (link updated).
  • Adam Lorentzon’s HVSC Search – Very simple yet excellent SID search. No STIL support.
  • The all-new HVSC website Search – Good search with ability to filter and sort results. Detailed results show technical file details but no STIL info.
  • Not to forget the fast search on main page! Results while typing keywords. STIL info only on result page.

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